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Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology

Most of the automated production systems make use of CNC applications. CAD / CAM is distinguished by the fact that it includes not only the manufacturing operations but also the design and planning functions that precede manufacturing. With the CAD software the designing professionals are offered large number of tools that help in carrying out thorough engineering analysis of design, manufacturing process and the manufactured components.

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In the era of rapid industrialization particularly in the engineering field, there is a high requirement of specialized courses in CNC and CAD / CAM technologies.

CNC Simulators are used for verifications of CNC programs and tool paths generated. They support Milling, Turning, Mill / Turn applications with full machine simulation and stock removal verifications. They can also identify problem areas such as potential collision, gouges or over travel and allow correction prior to NC code generation.

It is a technology concerned with the use of computers to perform complicated designs and manufacturing functions with ease and accuracy.

A CAM system is a software program that runs on a computer (commonly a Personal Computer) that helps the CNC programmer with the programming process It takes away the tediousness and drudgery out of programming.